UTS Systems

PNItem DescriptionDCS Selling PriceCOOLead Time
TM36A1-ODTM36; 2 Door Shelter With Internal Liner; Thermal Fly And Electrical; Olive Drab$18,841.64USA120 DAYS
BHE60CPTMT-DTTM60 Tall Col Pro End Door Bulkhead (neg), Tan$1,020.03USA120 DAYS
UTS-GEN-PH-30268Power Distribution Unit, 400hz, 30a, 3ph Ads $5,494.89USA120 DAYS
UTS-GEN-PH-30268-SPSpares For Power Distribution Unit$375.00USA120 DAYS
UT-31-MC-5004MSFour General Purpose String Lights, Hanging Straps$1,040.88USA120 DAYS
UTMT30CPA1-DTTM30 Tall Col Pro (2 Centered Doors) System, Tan$32,197.69USA120 DAYS
614-5000-0162PDP 400amp Emeds$10,731.86USA120 DAYS
UT-610-5001-1499PDP, 60a Shelter Distribution Box (sdb), Rubber Enclosure$11,573.60USA120 DAYS
UCEC77400-050CL5-WCCable Assembly Power Elec 400 Amp 50ft$9,085.26USA120 DAYS
SCSOAL-104-DTShelter Container-aluminum Side Opening$16,638.96USA120 DAYS
USM5CPA1-DTUtilis USA Peaked Sm5 System; Col Pro-tan$20,030.96USA120 DAYS
UTMT60CPA1-DTUtilis USA TM60 Tall System; Col Pro (2 Doors)-tan$143,320.22USA120 DAYS
RCPMA1-WHRed Medical Panel Marker; Double$855.75USA120 DAYS
UTMT15CPA1-DTUtilis USA TM15 Tall System; Col Pro-tan (4 Doors)$49,429.93USA120 DAYS
614-5000-0262PDP 800amp Emeds$16,967.15USA120 DAYS
UEC76400-010FCL5-WCSet Of 10ft Pigtails With End Caps$1,833.74USA120 DAYS
UTLR56-DTLitter Rack; Expeditionary; With Adjustable Shelves And Leveling$11,730.05USA120 DAYS
UTMT60CPN1-DTUtilis USA TM60 Tall System; Col Pro (4 Doors)-tan$50,550.26USA120 DAYS
UTSTM60SRA1-DTUts TM60 Shelters With Solar Reduction Coating, Insulated Reflective Liner System, And Hard Floor$115,033.05USA120 DAYS
UTSSM5SRA1-DTUts Peaked Sm5 (entry) With Sr Coating, Insulated Reflective Liner And Hard Doors$35,152.28USA120 DAYS
TM54A1-DTUtilis TM54; 2 Door; Internal Liner; Thermal Fly-desert Tan$165,673.00USA120 DAYS
WCRATC-ATCTent Crate; Wood Shipping 104 X 41.5 X 43.6$3,587.41USA120 DAYS