NCIC 2000 Software – #1 Officer Safety Tool

Our NCIC application is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.  This product provides our users with access to NCIC, FBI III, State Criminal History, Sex Offender, DMV,  NLETS, NCIC, INS, LOJACK,  ORION, CPIC, INTERPOL and State Hotfiles/Transactions.

Our 2FA is one of a kind.  It does not require 3rd party software.  The software (via an internal subroutine) can generate a random, one-time token each time it is needed, unique to that user (and only that user) eliminating the need for certificates, paper (inert) tokens, fobs, or additional spending.


• This is not an Interface or a screen scrape; it an Application

• Section 508 Compliant

• FIPS 140-2 Compliant

• No NLETS Fees, No User Fees, No Monthly Fees, No Unit Fees, No Transaction Fees

• Annual Maintenance is the Only Reoccurring Cost

• We Provide State-specific Formats at No Extra Charge

• User-configurable Night/Day Format Display

• All NCIC Editing Rules are Built into the Software

• All Error Messages reflect the NCIC Manual

• Multiple Queries with One Entry


• Displays a Photo with a Single Click

• All Requests are Electronically Logged; No Need to Write  Down Anything

• Pass State Audits Quickly and Easily

• Extensive Logging of all Transactions and Messages

• All Responses are Centrally Stored for Quick Lookups

• Responses Immediately Appear in the Background.  No Hunting Through Mailboxes

• Re-run a Transaction Using a Simple Click

• Meets the Standard Required for the Two Factor Authentication Login

• Written to Support Native NCIC2000 and DMP2020 Transactions

• The Product Supports Imaging in Many States

• Licensing Options to Meet Your Specific Needs (DCS Hosted, SaaS, and On-Site)

• 27 x 7 Support at No Extra Charge