Jail Management Software

The moment a person is brought into your facility, his/her welfare and security are just as important as yours. Although the system is deliberately user-friendly, it allows for highly-detailed input in even the most complicated of situations. From cell assignment to mail call, we offer a comprehensive solution that is the answer to total inmate accountability and helps you centralize all your data needs.

Whether he is a suicide risk or a weekender, you have the pertinent information to take appropriate action. Visitors, medical issues, laundry, canteen usage, disciplinary actions, and many more criteria are all under your complete control to help you manage an intelligent jail.

Need to see who is located where quickly? Click on the graphical layout of your facility and a list of names of those within that location immediately appears. Whether your facility is linear in design or pod-style, we develop what you need at no extra charge.

We offer 3 different versions of this application – Lite, Full, and Prison

  • Intakes / Booking
  • Offender Party Information and Identification
  • Property Management
  • Housing
  • Inmate Calendaring & Event Scheduling
  • Inmate Records
  • Warrants and Detainers
  • Sentencing and Time Calculation
  • Nutritional Services
  • Classification and Assessment
  • Movements and Transfers
  • Population Management
  • Violations and Disciplinary Actions
  • Grievance/Complaints
  • Offender Employment
  • Offender Associations / Intelligence
  • Visitation
  • Education
  • Programs and Activities
  • Inmate Banking / Restitution
  • Commissary Sales and Inventory
  • Pre-Release Processing
  • Probation and Parole
  • Community Supervision
  • Mail
  • Library
  • Social Services
  • Express Intake/Booking
  • Mass Movement
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Rule Book/Forms, multi-language
  • More than 200 Pre-programmed Queries and Reports