Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Computer Aided Dispatching Software (CAD)

The product earned its name because unit status changes are as simple as a single click of the mouse. This web-based product is user configurable, whether you dispatch for a single agency, or multiple agencies. We interface to the mapping software of your choice or you can do as others are now doing and use Google Maps or MapPoint.

Our Computer Aided Dispatch Software features include:

  • Multiple Jurisdictions (Law, Fire, EMS, Public Works, etc.)
  • Generates an UNLIMITED amount of Unique Numbers
  • Seamless integration to Records Management
  • Seamless Integration to Report Writing in the Car
  • Address Validation – (with map, directions, and cross streets)
  • Unit Recommendations
  • Emergency Contact File
  • Cross-reference Between Law and Fire Calls
  • Traffic Stop Hot Key (runs NCIC automatically)
  • Scheduled Calls Feature
  • Supplement Calls Feature
  • House Watch/Extra Patrol Feature
  • Hazardous and Handicap Warnings
  • Previous Events Warning
  • Restraining Order Alert
  • Trespass Orders
  • Wrecker Rotation
  • Unit Status Monitor for Supervisors
  • Feeds Alarm Permits/Billing
  • Paging
  • Faxing of Completed Call Data
  • Sends the Call to the Car (Silent Dispatching)
  • 911 Hot Key
  • STATE/NCIC/2000 Interface (it is our product)
  • Station Alerting Interface
  • EMD Software Interface
  • Quick Lookups and Reports