Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL)

The DCS Automatic Vehicle Locator System (AVL)

As we continue to strive to be a TOTAL solutions provider, we announced our own AVL application in the Summer of 2006. DCS has developed a real-time AVL system using MapPoint.

Not only does this application collect the locations of all units, it is also being updating with the live data from the DCS CAD Software. No other vendor is doing this today.

These products includes three (3) different map formats: ALL units, FIRE only, or only LAW ENFORCEMENT. Regardless of the map you display, the pending calls will always display.


  1. User-configurable maps, with just a single click:
    • Law Enforcement Units only, along with Pending Calls
    • Fire and EMS Units Only, along with Pending Calls
    • ALL Units, along with Pending Calls
  2. Click on any icon on your map for complete details about the event
    • the case number
    • the complete address
    • the type of call
    • a display of all units at that location
    • busy units will have a yellow glow for easy identification
  3. Stores Positions/Movement in a Historical File for reports and queries.
  4. Uses off-the-shelf Mapping Software
  5. No 3rd Party Vendor Software Needed
  6. No need to Synchronize GeoData Files with Map Files (it never gets done)
  7. One-time, System-wide Costs
  8. Maps Can Be Viewed on any PC in the Building